"You turn people back to dust, saying, 'Return to dust, you mortals.'"

This serene resting place surrounded by nature is not only a place of love of the families for their loved ones but also a place to learn about life from people who had finished their journey on earth and experience hope, comfort, and the fullness of life.

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Tao Fong Shan Garden of Angels

Garden of Angels

4m 06s


Pilgrim’s Hall

3m 17s


Lotus Crypt

2m 10s

Tao Fong Shan Christ Temple

Christ Temple

3m 09s

Walk With Tao Fong

Tao Fong Shan Christian Center was founded by a Norwegian missionary Rev. Karl Ludvig Reichelt from over 90 years ago. Located on a scenic hill above Sha Tin, the Centre has been accorded Grade 2 Historic Building and is considered state-of-the-art in many ways, from combining traditional Chinese architecture with Christian faith to having a rich history of nurturing interfaith and interculture dialogue to preaching gosel through Chinese Christian porcerlain art. Today, the Centre remains a melting pot of religions, cultures, and stories.

To tell the many wonderful stories and history of Tao Fong Shan, we created a series of guided tours, Walk with Tao Fong. Our staff will arrange a tour for you or your friends depending on your interests, it is a great experience for you if you hope to enjoy a day of peace and away from the city, or if you want to learn more about who we are or the story behind our traditional Chinese architecture.