Tastes of Lives

We aim to help believers experience and recognize God’s presence and guidance in their daily lives. We do this by providing a large variety of activities for different tastes of life, meditation on life, and share with lives.

Through these activities, we assist the church in fulfilling its mission to serve their neighbors, share their life stories, and enable their neighbors to reflect on the meaning of life, encounter the Lord, and receive His grace.

Multifaceted Activities

Brew, Sip, Taste, Share

Share Coffee, Lives in Dialogue

Practising Exercises, from body to mind

From painting to mindful meditation

Contemplation with ink painting

Drawing faith in our own hands

Icon Arts, from appreciation to contemplation

Walk with Tao Fong

Spirituality Walk

The Spirituality Walk tour focuses on spiritual exercises. Our spiritual directors will take you on the journey of meditation, prayer, and reflection, to experience the presence of the Lord and learn spiritual renewal, thus live the life God intended.


The goal of the LIFE Walk tour is to help our participants realize the different journeys of life in the nature and tranquil cemetery of Tao Fong Shan, explore the meaning and values of life and true self through understanding and respect for life. We hope our participants can experience the fullness of body, mind, society, and spirituality.

Art Walk

The Art Walk tour introduces the art history of Tao Fong Shan where our staff will walk you through the historic buildings and design, learn how a Danish achitect, Johannes Prip-Møller, carried out his idea of incorporating Christianity into Hui Style architecture, the exquisite Christian canton porcelains produced by the Art Ministry, and how Tao Fong Shan preached the gospel through art.

History Walk

From the early days of Karl Ludvig Reichelt’s life in China to the difficult years of founding the Centre and amid the Japanese occupation. The LIFE Walk will lead you through different parts of Tao Fong Shan with anecdotes, where you will see and learn the historical relics in this scenic countryside, and understand the contribution of the Centre in the history of Christianity in Modern China.


Monday to Saturday 10AM to 12:30AM or 2PM to 4:30PM

Maximum number of people per tour



HKD $1500 / group


Monday to Saturday 10AM to 4PM

Maximum number of people per tour



HKD $3000 / group

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