Life Retreat on the Sea

Calm the Sea, Sail with Me


This one day retreat on the sea is not just another retreat.  Spend a cozy day on the cruise, the coast and the mesmerising seas. Enjoy the serenity deep within your heart, your encounter with God and the start of the voyage of life—it’s serendipity.


Life is super when you enjoy the heavenly peace when the cruise is sailing on the sea, when you pray on the coast, when you walk shoulder to shoulder with God, when you taste both simple and unadorned delicacies, when you listen to the sound of the sea, isolated from bustle and hustle, when you restart your life journey with the amazing grace from God.


Sometimes, one just need a calm and peaceful environment, away from chaos to relax and rethink the value of life or gain motivation to live. This trip is inevitably suitable.


If you are interested in this day retreat, you may join our scheduled event, or arrange a group retreat on the date that is good for you.


Written by Collini Lam Hoi Ying (Volunteer of TFSCC )