Life Retreat up on the Hills

LIFE Journey up on the Hills


This will be a day walking with the Lord in the grass fields, beside the streams, through the bushes, up the hills.


Walking into the bushes, passing through mountain gorges, and going through bamboo forests, we will revisit the ups and downs of our past lives, searching for the traces of the Lord who has not left us, nurturing the faith that the Lord is still walking with us ahead, and believing that He is still the Lord of you and your city.


Passing through:
Sir Cecil’s Ride, Stream, Stream Rest Area, up along the stream to Tortoise Rock , Braemar Hill Peak, Red Incense Burner Summit…


Contents include:
Guided walking meditation and contemplation,
Meditation beside the streams,
Contemplating life on narrow paths in the bamboo forest,
Walking with the Lord on vast highlands…


The guided retreat will be led by a missionary who is certified in Mountain Craft Assistant Coach, together with our minister who will jointly lead the silent meditation journey.


If you are interested in this day retreat, you may join our scheduled event, or arrange a group retreat on the date that is good for you.