Fruit of the Spirit: Meekness

Meekness: Jesus girded himself and washed the feet of his disciples was the best example of meekness (John 13:1-17).


A meek person is humble in heart, not arrogant, and certainly do not think that s/he is better than others. Meekness often goes hand in hand with peace. Meek people—in times of conflict—will not resort to hostility, causing more disputes, or confronting with fierce and bitter hearts. They choose to respond to perturbation with an understanding.


How can we learn to be meek and humble in life? The most essential principle is to be willing to trust and obey God, and to be willing to associate with others. At the same time, in the face of forces of evil, to never show weakness but instead stand up and fight to the end. Unfortunately, many people are unwilling to accept that power is subject to God; sometimes they even believe that human freedom and economics can override everything else. In the workplace, on the surface, arrogant and powerful people always seem to triumph, but on the contrary, they have difficulty achieving financial security. They think that they own the world, yet the world owns them. The more money they have, the less financial security they feel.


God has been unswerving, yet we often lack faith.

Meekness is one of the more special fruits of the Holy Spirit. The original meaning refers to meekness and humility, especially when Christians do not insist on their rights. This is also one of the 8 Beatitudes that the Lord Jesus promised, “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth.” (Matthew 5:5 NIV) Many people might think that meekness equals cowardice and resignation, yet the true meaning is the expression of controlled strength and courage. The Lord Jesus said that the meek will inherit the earth. Those who let God reign will inherit the perfect kingdom descended to earth. In this kingdom, we will, by the grace of God, get the good things that the arrogant people are chasing in vain in this world, and more.


The more experiences we have in our lives, the more we can understand how real and secure his guidance is.


The Lord is the perfect embodiment of meekness, giving us the best example of meekness. When we feel tired and worried in the presence of evil, let us be certain that the Lord Jesus will always invite us to trust him in meekness and humility, finding peace in between. Send us your promise of our right to inherit the earth.



Written by Cheui Yi (At Will)