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“Christfulness” is spirituality, practicing a faith relationship with Christ.
Christfulness points to the fullness of Christ and God’s love in Christ. When we experience the revelation of this mystery and encounter God’s love in Christ with, around and in us as a penetrating and saturating experience, we are made whole. A process of becoming whole begins. This helps us see other humans and our fellow creatures in a new way, as we relate to the image of God within them, and it opens a vision of a redeemed humanity and Earth, which is the body of Christ.


Christfulness Retreat 
Overnight Retreat:   8-9 Dec, 2018 (Sat-Sun) - Advent
                               20-21 Apr, 2019 (Sat-Sun) - Easter
Time: 2pm – 2pm the next day
Fee: HK$ 580 (Including accommodation, meals and shuttle to and fro Tai Wai Station)
Day Retreat:     3 Nov, 2018 (Sat) - Communion of Saints           
                       19 Jan, 2019 (Sat)  - God's Glory Revealed
                       16 Feb, 2019 (Sat) - A New Life
                       16 Mar, 2019 (Sat) - Reorientation
                         1 Jun, 2019 (Sat) - Wait for the Spirit
Time: 10am – 8.30pm
Fee: HK$ 350 (Including lunch, dinner and shuttle to and fro Tai Wai Station)
Content: Spirituality Exercises, Prayers, Silent and Reflection, Communion Service Meditation,  Individual Counselling
Venue: Tao Fong Shan Christiam Centre
Facilitator:  Rev. Ole Skjerbæk Madsen (Danish, Founder of Christfulness)
Inquiry: 2386 3220 / bd@tfscc.org








道風山 x 白院子 【 山中茶修系列課 】





第一課 2018年10月6日 中華傳統文化-靜以修身

第二課 2018年10月13日 茶文化淺談-從普洱説起

第三課 2018年11月3日 茶文化淺談-武夷正岩茶

第四課 2018年11月24日 漫遊道風山徽派建築群

第五課 2018年12月1日 道風山樹木教室

第六課 2019年1月5日 香文化與塔香製作

第七課 2019年1月19日 香文化與篆香製作


* 每課會有不少於45分鐘之靜坐練習


時間:下午14:30 - 17:30








查詢:2386 3220 / bd@tfscc.org